Bridgewater Township has Mike Groth as its Roads Superintendent. Mr. Groth is the person to contact first for all issues related to Township roads, ditches, bridges and culverts.

Contact information:

  • 507-301-2984 (Cell phone)


Snow Removal

We would like to remind Bridgewater Township residents that it is unlawful to deposit snow onto public roadways or to push snow across public roadways per Minnesota Statute 160.2715. Snow deposited or pushed onto the road can create hazards to the public and future snow removal operations. Citizens that violate this statute could face misdemeanor and/or civil penalties if the snow creates a hazard that contributes to an accident. The Township snow removal/sanding trucks will be out as soon as possible following a 2” snow event.  The Township is not responsible for any damage resulting from snow thrown in the road right-of-way.  Mailboxes damaged during snow removal operations will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Only those mailboxes located and installed in compliance with MN State Statute 160.072 and MN Rule 8818.0100, and damaged by direct contact with township equipment will be repaired at the Township’s expense. 

Gravel / Dust Control

Gravel is added to the township roads on a three year rotation.  When gravel and dust control is placed on the road is dependent on the weather.