Town News

Township Elections

Moving to a 5-member Board of Supervisors

The Annual Township Election was held on Tuesday, March 10th. The results are as follows:

  • Total votes = 63
  • Supervisor
    • Kathleen Kopseng – 58 votes
    • Erik Schrader – 1 vote
    • David Albers – 1 vote
    • Non-vote – 3 votes
  • Ballot question “Shall option A, providing for a five-member town board of supervisors, be adopted for the government of the town?”
    • Yes – 57 votes
    • No – 6 votes

 The ballot question passed and the Bridgewater Township Board of Supervisors will expand to five members.  

We are proceeding with planning for a special election on May 12th.  This election will determine who will serve in the two Supervisor positions until the following Annual March Township Election.  Candidates wishing to file for the position of Supervisor, the filing period will open on Tuesday, April 21, and close on Friday, May 1.  If you have any questions or if you wish to run for an open position, please contact the Clerk.  If the Secretary of State determines that elections can not be held, a notice will be posted on the township website:

Snow Removal

We would like to remind township residents that it is unlawful to deposit snow into public roadways or to push snow across public roadways.  These actions create hazards to the public and future snow removal operations.  Citizens that violate this could face misdemeanor and/or civil penalties if the snow creates a hazard that contributes to an accident.

The Township snow removal/sanding trucks will be out as soon as possible following a 2" snow event.  The Township is not responsible for any damage resulting from snow thrown in the road right-of-way.