Weed Control Plan

(In Process)

Inventory of Roadsides:   We have identified on our township map the areas of large infestations of Poisonous Wild Parsnip and Thistle.

Determining the Township’s Authority and Responsibility:  Bridgewater Township has the duty and authority, and is required to cause all noxious weeds in town road right of ways to be cut down or otherwise destroyed or eradicated as often as necessary to prevent the ripening or scattering of seed and other propagating parts of such weeds ( MN Stat. 160.23)

Identifying Expertise: We are working Roadside Vegetation Management (LLC), a licensed professional noxious
weed spraying concern to develop a control program that will be ongoing for several years.

Gathering Information and Creating a Plan:  We have learned these noxious weeds are very hard to eradicate at an acceptable cost. The plan may include mowing and spraying to bring the population of the weeds to a manageable level. The weeds are now post seed bearing so fall spraying is not effective. When we have the spring control program ready will mail out to all residents the plan and timing thereof. The control will be directed at these noxious weeds with care so as not to harm other vegetation. In the process some native plants and grasses may be knocked back but once the overgrowth of noxious weeds is subdued these desirable plants and grasses will come back strong. If you have right of way plant growth that you want to protect, Bridgewater Township will have available for your purchase a DO NOT SPRAY sign that you can install in a easily visible area for the Sprayer to avoid protected growth.

Working with MNDOT and Rice County:   These infestations are exploding all over. The State and County are aware of this issue but as yet do not have a plan of attack. We are planning a meeting, tentatively

Discussion on controlling poisonous Wild Parsnip and other Noxious Weeds                                       Wednesday, August 31, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Bridgewater Town Hall.

It is our hope that we can work jointly with Rice County and the state of Minnesota, so that our own efforts are more effective and less costly.

Take action to protect your property:   If you have these weeds moving onto your private lands you also should take action to curtail the spread. Many years of inaction by all of us has allowed these plants to spread rapidly.  Without control will the infestations dominate all lands???

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