Steele Waseca will be bringing in an outside contractor to remove all the downed lines, posts, and transformers from the storm.  They will be in the area starting Monday, October 8, 2018.

New message from Rice County:

We would like to thank the members of the community and surrounding areas that have volunteered and participated in cleanup efforts throughout Rice County. There is still a lot of community assistance needed for cleanup following the recent tornado event and we are looking for volunteers to help with debris clean up again this Saturday, Oct, 6th. If you are interested in volunteering, please call 833-643-7423. Same day registrations also welcomed. We are looking for both experienced chainsaw personnel and general clean up personnel.
Volunteers should report to the Rice County Fair Grounds at 1814 2nd Ave NW in the city of Faribault.
Volunteers are needed from 8am-4pm. Registration will start at 7:30am.
Please bring gloves, rakes, shovels and proper clothing and footwear. Expect to clean up mostly tree and brush debris.
Transportation will be provided from the fairgrounds to the areas that need assistance.
Food and Water will also be provided to volunteers. 
Again, if you are planning on volunteering, please call 833-643-7423 although same day registrations are welcome. 
Thank you in advance.

(1) The Township will be clearing trees and brush from the Township road right-of-ways. The priority order for Township road right of way clean up will be:

  1. Upper Oak Hills
  2. Lower Oak Hills/Eaton Ave.
  3. Telemark
  4. Bittersweet/Farrel
  5. Timberlane
  6. Wendwood

(2) Generally the right-of-way extends 33 feet from the center line on both
sides of the road.

(3) The Township will be marking the right-of-way as clearing proceeds.
Generally if a tree is rooted outside the right of way it will be cut at
the 33 foot line.  If a resident wants such a tree removed let the
township know (email:  In some
instances for safety reasons the Township may, at its initiative, cut an      overhanging tree at the base (outside the right-of-way) and
remove it.

(4) No materials other than trees & brush should be placed in the
right-of-way.  If other types of material are in the pile it will not be
picked up and will become the owner’s responsibility to remove it from the

(5) The Township will be making several passes through most neighborhoods over the next 30-60 days.

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