Board of Supervisors Agenda for December 13, 2017

Call to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:

Introduction of Guests:

Approval of Agenda:

Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items:

Approval of Minutes & Claims

  • December Claims
  • November 8, November 27, 2017 Meeting Minutes
    • Sign Minutes

Treasurer’s Report

  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Bank reconciliation
  3. Revenue Report
  4. PERA forms
  5. IRS Update/EFT form
  6. Budget Summary report for next year’s budget
  7. Community Resources Bank – CD forms

Clerk’s Report-

  1. Annual Polling Place Designation – sign resolution
  2. Mail – Minnesota Association of Townships Insurance forms
  3. Reschedule project meeting for December

Planning & Zoning

  1. Staff Report
  2. Blighted properties update
  3. Review of fee schedule for lot splits

  New Business

  1. Local Economies GDP vs GPI

Old Business

  1. Roads
    1. Discuss status
    2. Equipment Purchase

Review Mounted Roller choice for grader/render decision for order Dec.’17 or Jan.’18

  1. Notice Board : Review of what’s left to be done on the notice board
  2. Noxious Weed Grant Form

Upcoming Meetings

  • Planning and Zoning meeting, December 28, 2017, 7pm Bridgewater Town Hall
  • Project Meetings, Monday, December 18  at 2:30pm, Bridgewater Town Hall
  • Board of Supervisors meeting, January 10, 2018, 7pm Bridgewater Town Hall


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