Agenda for August 12, 2015. Board of Supervisors

Bridgewater Township Board of Supervisors

County of Rice, State of Minnesota

August 12, 2015

Call to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:

Introduction of Guests:

Approval of Agenda:

Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items:

Approval of Minutes & Claims

  • August  Claims
  • July 8,  July 15, July 23, July 27, August 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s Report

  • Dundas annexation payment status
  • DNR Grants – expenses, claims sent to DNR, Status

Clerk’s Report-

  • Outside office door not closing properly

Planning & Zoning

  • Staff Report
  • Rice Creek Ordinance Update

New Business

  • Local Resolution 2015-11 regarding Climate Change

Old Business

  • DNR Grant/Flood issues/updates
    • Status of contracts for Dundas Pond
    • Status of SWSC/NRCS project
    • Status of tree removal by Feldman Brothers
    • Communication to project bidders and feedback regarding bidder tabulations
    • Closing date and purchase agreement with Paulson and Rock for Dundas Pond
    • Discussion with Dennis Clauson regarding land purchase for Central Pond
  • Result of meeting with Dennis Luebbe
    • Determine which roads should go back to the county
    • Conduct road count study
  • Road Discussion
    • Status of invoices to private parties
    • Dust Control/status
    • Upper Oak Hill street repair status

Upcoming Meetings

  • Board of Supervisors meeting, September 9 , 2015, 7pm Bridgewater Town Hall
  • Flood Mitigation Meetings, Mondays at 1:00pm, Bridgewater Town Hall
  • Planning and Zoning meeting, August 26, 2015, 7pm Bridgewater Town Hall


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