Agenda for 1/14/15

Bridgewater Township Board of Supervisors

County of Rice, State of Minnesota

January 14, 2015

Call to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:

Introduction of Guests:

Approval of Agenda:

Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items:

Approval of Minutes & Claims

  • January  Claims
  • December 4,10,and 18, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s Report

  • Annexation Report
  • Equipment Reserve Bank Account

Clerk’s Report-

  • Deputy Clerk for March
  • Letter regarding L&R meeting
  • Sign Central Valley Tax Exempt form
  • March 4th Board of Supervisors Meeting

Planning & Zoning

  • Letter for septic installers
  • MPCA forms
  • Septic inspector
  • Sign stating “You are entering Bridgewater Township – permits required”

New Business

  • Plat Correction for Timberlane
  • Petition for Williams Cartway Easement
  • Right of refusal for former town hall
  • Meeting with Dundas – tentative January 20th.

Old Business

  • DNR Flood Mitigation, FEMA, SWCD projects
  • Update on Bittersweet North Well

Upcoming Meetings

  • Possible meeting with Dundas City Council, January 20, 2015, 7pm at Bridgewater Town Hall
  • Intergovernmental Meeting, January 28, 2015, 7pm at Northfield City Hall
  • Planning and Zoning meeting January 28, 2015, at Bridgewater Town Hall
  • Olaf J-Term project presentation, January 29, 2015.


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