Bridgewater Township Board of Supervisors November 13, 2013 7p

Bridgewater Township Board of Supervisors
County of Rice, State of Minnesota

November 13,  2013, 7pm


Call to Order 

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call [__] Castore, [__] Doran –Norton, [__] Ebling,
[__] Cooper, [____] Morlan [__] Pfahning, [__]C.Braun, [__]J.Braun, [__] D.Brown

Introduction of Guests: None

Approval of Agenda (Motion_______Seconded_______Ayes_____ Nayes ______)

Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items

Approval of Minutes and Claims

  • Approval of Minutes October 9, 2013 (Motion____Seconded___Ayes_____Nayes____)
  • Approval of Minutes October 17, 2013 ( Motion____Seconded____Ayes____Nayes____)
  • Approval of Claims November 13, 2013 ( Motion____Seconded____Ayes_____Nayes____)

Treasurer’s Report

Clerk’s Report

Planning & Zoning Report

SMC Approve Permit (Vote)

Agriculture Tourism Ordinance

Septic Ordinance

  • Suggestions for Administration/Permits
  • Communication

Rice Creek Trout Stream Ordinance

  • Approve Protection Goals
  • Set Priorities for Participating in Township Funding
  • Update of Northfield’s Draft Creek Policy 2010

Dundas Annexation Area Planning & Zoning

Town Code-Time Frame

Bridgewater Planning Commission Meeting Schedule

  • Set Work Session to Determine Planning Commission Fee Schedule

Old Business

Flood Mitigation-WSB & Associates Report

  • Edgebrook Drive
  • Fox Avenue
  • Timberlane
  • DNR Grant Application


  • Scheduling Annual Road Plan
  • 125th Street
  • Invite Greenvale Twp Road Committee to Bridgwater Township Meeting
  • Motion to Request Rice County to move Decker Ave to County Road System
  • Motion to Request Northfield and Dundas to Specify Road Design Preferences
  • Motion to Move Road Authority of Western 115th St to Bridgewater Township
  • Motion to Create a Road Committee for Five Year Plan

Fire Service District

  • Status
  • Resolution for Joint Powers Agreement ( vote)

Subordinate Service District

New Business

Head Election Judge Appointment Process

Record Retention for Township

  • Organization of Records
  • Resolution 2013-11 ( vote)
  • Resolution Book Progress Report


  • Part Time Administration Position
  • Agenda Construction
  • Wi-Fi for Township Hall Office
  • Laptop for Clerk Position
  • First National Bank Signature Forms

Upcoming Meetings

  •  Board of Supervisors December 11,2013 7pm
  • Bridgewater Township Planning & Zoning December 9, 7:30pm

Janalee Cooper

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