Bridgewater Board Thanks the Transcription Project Volunteers

On behalf of the Bridgewater Township Board, I would like to thank the volunteers who gave unselfishly of the their time and talent in support of the recently completed transcription project of the old Bridgewater Township books.
Glen Castore, Chair of the Bridgewater Township Board of Supervisors

The Volunteers

  • Bruce Morlan
  • Janalee Cooper
  • Betty Lou Ahlman
  • Cheri Albers
  • Harriet Berg
  • Audrey DeMann
  • Norma Gilbertson
  • Darlene Pfahning
  • Kate Rathke
  • Arlene Williams
  • Ed Williams
  • Bill Becker
  • Jessica Raines
  • Linda Stadler
  • Doris Welke
  • Ariel Butler
  • Alicia Reuter
  • Shar Berge
  • Barb Henwood
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