2013 Annual Election and Annual Meeting

2013 Annual Election and Annual Meeting

On 12th March 2013, Bridgewater Township will hold its annual election (one supervisor and township Treasurer are on the ballot this year) followed immediately by its annual meeting.

Voting: Polls open at 10AM and close at 8PM. The annual township meeting will convene shortly after the polls close. The agenda is below. Bolded items are mandatory and may not be removed from the agenda. The final agenda, however, will be as determined at the meeting.




8:15PM, MARCH 12, 2013
Township Hall


  • Convene     (Clerk Cooper)
  • Welcome    (Chair Morlan)
  • Pledge    (Chair Morlan)
  • Elect  Moderator    (Clerk Cooper)


  • Agenda Approved      (Moderator)
  • 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes Read  and Approved (Clerk Cooper)
  • Treasurer’s Report    (Treasurer Pfahning)
  • Board of Audit Report    (Supervisor Castore)
  • Road Report (Supervisor Castore)


  • Fire Association Report    ( Paul Liebenstein-Bridgewater Representative to Northfield Rural Fire Board)
  • Budget for 2013   (Treasurer Pfahning)
  • Levy  Vote for 2012    (Moderator)
  • Community Direction to Board   ( Open)

Review of the year (March 2012-March 2013)    Township Officials

  • FEMA Event – June 2013 (Castore)
  • Fire District (Castore)
  • Rice-Creek Project (Doran-Northon)
  • Township Records (Morlan)
  • Annexation agreements (Morlan)
  • Rice County Dump Remediation (Castore)


  • General  Announcements    (Open)
  • Planning and Zoning guidance   (Morlan)
  • Election Results    (Head Election Judge)

Adjournment  by   Moderator

Township Officers: Kathleen Doran-Norton, Supervisor, Chair; Bruce Morlan, Supervisor; Glen Castore, Supervisor; Janalee Cooper, Clerk; Brad Pfahning, Treasurer.

UNAPPROVED DRAFT Minutes of 2012 Meeting

Bridgewater Township Annual Meeting 2012

County of Rice, State of Minnesota

March 13th, 2012

Meeting Minutes, Unapproved (until 2013 Annual Meeting, March 12,2013)

The Annual Meeting was called to order by Clerk Cooper at 8:20p. The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all. Supervisors Castore, Doran-Norton, Morlan were present, along with Clerk Cooper, Treasurer Pfahning and township citizens.

Moderator Selected for 2013 Annual Meeting

  • Leif Knecht was selected by acclimation.

Annual Meeting Date for 2013

  • The 2013 Annual Meeting Date was set for March 12, 2013, at or shortly after, 8:15PM.


  • Agenda: Supervisor Glen Castore moved that the agenda be approved,Supervisor Morlan seconded, all agreed.
  • 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes : Brad Pfahning moved, Dennis Brown seconded, all agreed.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Brad Pfahning gave the 2011 Treasurer’s Report.
  • Annual Audit Report: Castore gave the 2011 Annual Audit Report.


  • Rural Fire Association Update: Paul Liebenstein reported on the Northfield Safety Center and negotiations with the city of Northfield.
  • Budget for 2012: Pfahning gave an overview of the expected revenue, disbursements for 2012.
  • Tax Levy for 2012: Barb Zaverhua moved that the levy be set for $275,000. Joe Thibodeau seconded, all agreed.
  • Planning & Zoning: Morlan gave a report on the  activity of the Bridgewater Planning Commission and discussed setting up a citizen committee to review TDR’s and cluster housing.Leif Knecht asked the Board to think carefully and move purposefully to prepare land in Bridgewater Township for future job creation.
  • Community Direction to the Board: Stephanie Henrikson asked the Bridgewater Township Supervisors to consider sending a statement to the Minnesota Association of Townships. She requested that the statement direct MAT attorney, Kent Sulem to strengthen his position for representing township rights.

Review of  2011

  • Board members reported on the various activities of the town board throughout 2011.

General Announcements

  •  Board of Supervisors monthly meeting dates and times announced.

Election Results

  •   Office of Supervisor:Kathleen Doran-Norton was re-elected with 29 votes, Mike Piper  2 votes, Julie Klassen 1 vote.
  • Office of Clerk: Janalee Cooper was re-elected  with 30 votes,  Cherie Albers 1 vote.


  •  The 2012 Annual Meeting was adjourned at 10:15p.m. Lief Knecht moved,Brad Pfahning seconded, all agreed.

Janalee Cooper
Clerk of Bridgewater Township


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