Trout Stream Open House – 14 May 2011

Picture of hands holding trout On May 14, Bridgewater Township invites the public to an open house on studies planned for Rice Creek (Spring Brook) from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. at the Town Hall, 500 Railway Street South, Dundas.

Rice Creek is the only trout stream in Rice County, but its health is threatened by pollutants.  The open house will provide an opportunity to learn how local scientists plan to measure the trout’s health and the cold, clean water they need to thrive.

Where do the trout spend their days?  What do they eat?  Is the creek supporting a healthy population of trout?  What are the sources of pollution?  Where are the springs that provide cold water?  How can we best protect and improve Rice Creek?  These are some of the questions the studies hope to answer.

The Rice Creek Assessment Project is sponsored by Bridgewater Township, Cannon River Watershed Partnership, Saint Olaf College, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and Trout Unlimited.  The project received a Clean Water Partnership grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  The Rice Creek Concerned Citizens Group, Rice County, and other groups and volunteers are participating.


  • Trout that Tweet – a nice way to track what we are up to
  • YouTube video with lead scientist explaining what they are up to.



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