Annual Re-Organization Meeting – 8AM, 19 March 2011


Bridgewater Township Board of Supervisors
Meeting and Re-Organization Agenda

March 19th, 2011


  • Call to Order                                                                          Castore
  • Flag Pledge                                                                           Castore
  • Roll Call                                                                                  Castore
  • Introduction of Guests                                                          Castore



  • Agenda                                                                                  Castore
  • Swearing in of new officers                                                 Cooper
    • Filing certificates
    • Swearing in
  • Public comment on non-agenda items                              Castore


  • Transfer Town Records
  • Select a town board chair and vice chair
  • Adopt a schedule of the board’s regular meetings
    • Regular meeting
    • Work sessions

Currently –Meeting dates:

  • Regular town board meetings are held on the second  Wednesday of every month at the town hall. The fourth Wednesday of the month may be scheduled as a regular meeting for actions which cannot wait until the second Wednesday meeting.  Work session or task force meetings which may include a quorum of the supervisors will be held on the first, third, fourth, and fifth Wednesday of the month when there is an agenda which requires discussion.
  • It is possible that a quorum or more of the members of  the board may attend  and may participate in discussion of the matters which come before the group holding that meeting. If this occurs, this meeting will constitute a special meeting of the town board at the time and place noted for the meeting. The purpose of this special meeting will or may include discussion of all items on the agenda of this meeting. :
    1. Bridgewater Township Planning Commission meetings, generally held on the fourth Wednesday of the month,
    2. Rice County board meetings, held Tuesday mornings from 8:30 a.m. at the county administration building,
    3. Rice County Planning and Zoning meetings, held on the fourth Thursday of the month at the county administration building,
    4. Quarterly joint governmental meetings of Bridgewater, Northfield, Waterford, Greenvale townships, the cities of Northfield and Dundas, and the counties of Rice and Dakota. The location of these meetings varies.
    5. Northfield city council meetings held Monday evenings at Northfield city hall
    6. Northfield planning commission meetings held the second Tuesday of the month at Northfield city hall
    7. Dundas city council meetings held Monday evenings at the Dundas city hall
    8. Dundas planning commission meetings held the third Thursday of the month at Dundas city hall

Current information on meeting dates and times on the following websites:

City of Northfield:

City of Dundas:

Rice County:


  • Designate an official newspaper

Currently – Official newspaper: Northfield News

  • Designate township attorney(s)
  • Set compensation for town officers and employees
    • Include detail from last year
    • Identify road maintenance responsibilities among operators
    • Other Currently –
  • Mileage reimbursement: $0.50 per mile
  • Election judge: $9.00 per hour
  • Labor: $12.50 per hour
  • Grader/truck driver: $20.80 per hour
  • Truck driver: $22.80 per hour
  • Substitute-truck driver $19.00 per hour
  • Supervisors: $4,100 per year (3x = $12,300)
  • Deputy clerk/treasurer $700
  • Treasurer $4,000
  • Clerk $4,800
  • Webmaster $700 (as needed)
  • Town Hall cleaning ($17.50 per hour)
  • Designate supervisors to fill duties/positions
    • Roads
    • Website
    • Review of ARD properties
    • Deputy clerk
    • Chief election judge
    • Planning commission members


2010 Assignments

Chair: Glen Castore
Vice-chair: Kathleen Doran-Norton
Deputy Clerk-Treasurer: Cheri Albers
Township attorney: John Ophaug
Township P&Z attorney: Peter Tiede
Planning Commission: Unappointed
Planning Commission: Bruce Morlan December 2010
Planning Commission: Gary Ebling
Planning Commission: Jeff Stremcha 2010
Planning Commission: Larry Alderks 2010
Planning Commission: Gary Ebling 2012
Planning Commission: John Klockeman 2011
Planning Commission: Bruce Morlan
Website: Kathleen Doran-Norton
Rural Fire representative: Paul Liebenstein
Rural Ambulance representative: TBD

Rice County: Deb Sullivan

  • Designate one or more posting places in the town.

Currently – Meeting posting site: Town Hall. The township website may have meetings noticed as a courtesy.

  • Designate a bank as the town depository
    • Schedule times to update names on the bank accounts

Currently – Town Bank: First National Bank

  • Consider potential conflict of interest issues
    • What is a conflict of interest?
  • Review and amend board policies as needed
    • Invoice procedure
      • sent from the clerk/treasurer
    • Correspondence
      • Available before the meetings for review?
      • Road hours, etc.
    • Claims – last date
    • Mail – to township post office box
    • Email –
    • Bidding processes
    • Sign inventory
    • File back-ups clerk/treasurer
    • Road policy, etc.
  • Review town’s AWAIR (accident reduction) plan
  • Inventory training and reference materials
  • Review town ordinance book and resolution book
  • Confirm compliance with the 60 day rule compliance and preparation of the state report on fees
  • Confirm the Town Financial Reporting Form has been completed and returned to the state auditor’s office
  • Identify upcoming training opportunities
  • List of officers and contact information

Will bring current contact list to confirm and add new contact info

  • Goals, issues, projects for the year
    • Comments on annual meeting
    • Administrative Handbook
    • E-Newsletter
    • Landfill issues
    • Stream inventory/water quality
    • Road easements
    • Sign replacements
    • Road survey/goals

Old Business

Planning and Zoning report                                                            Braun

New Business

  • Fees to be Approved
  • Notice of Gravel Bids




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