Two open positions on the board … information on filing

There are two open positions on the Board of Bridgewater Township. One supervisor position and the Treasurer position are both up for election in March 2011. Citizens interested in filing for either position should contact the Township Clerk for the proper forms and process information. There is a $2 fee for filing.


  • Tuesday, December 28, 2010. Candidate filing period opens for townships with March Elections. Ref: Minn. Stat. 205.13, subd.1a
  • Tuesday, January 11, 2010. Candidate file period closes for townships with March Elections. Ref: Minn.Stat. 205.13, subd.1a

Additional information:

From the Minnesota Association of Townships: Between 70 and 56 days before the election, those interested in running for a town office can contact the town clerk to file for an office. Notice of the filing period, the offices up for election, and where to file is published in the local newspaper and is posted at the town’s posting places. To file, a person completes an affidavit of candidacy and hands it to the town clerk along with a $2 filing fee. Those who properly file for office will have their name printed on the town’s election ballot.

To contact the Township Clerk: see


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