Leif Knecht resigns from board

December 2, 2009

It is with regret that I hereby submit my resignation as a Bridgewater Township Supervisor and Board Chairperson, effective immediately. Personal and professional concerns have led me to this decision, as well as my desire to see the best possible outcomes in policy making for all residents of Bridgewater Township and the greater Northfield community.

A number of important issues are now front and center for the Bridgewater Board and it has become evident that my presence as a decision maker has the potential to cause the process of policy making to be more divisive than if I step aside and contribute as a private citizen. I have a great affection for this community and look forward to contributing to making it a better place for all of us to live, work and interact, without holding an elected office.

I have greatly enjoyed my almost 12 years of serving on the Board of Supervisors, and the many fine people with whom I have shared the responsibility of guiding the township. In the hands of Supervisors Glen Castore and Kathleen Doran-Norton, Bridgewater Township will be very well served by two individuals of high character, who possess great intelligence as well as good common sense.

Many thanks to all who have shared this most interesting journey will me.

Leif Knecht


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