Minutes August 12, 2008, Bridgewater Board of Supervisors

The meeting was called to order by chair, Kathleen Doran-Norton. Present were Supervisors Glen Castore and Leif Knecht, Treasurer Brad Pfahning, and Clerk Pam Petersen.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all present.

The agenda was approved by a motion from Knecht, second by Castore, motion carried.

Trails: Guests were John Stull from the Mills Town Trail and Sean O’Leary and Nadia Ruebenova from the housing along Csah 1 between Hwy 3 and 246. John spoke of the connections of the Mill Towns Trail to the various cities (Dundas, Northfield, Cannon Falls, Faribault, etc.), where the Northfield Trail head will be and the future transportation use of that hub. The Mill Towns Trail has the backing of the cities and the State.

The group from Timberlane, Bridgewater Heights, the housing south of Northfield, are looking for a trail system to get to Northfield and Dundas as now it is only along the road which is narrow and has no shoulders. They are looking for backing, help and guidance from the cities to move forward with a trail system. Carolyn Braun stated there is a highly competitive Federal dollars program that could be applied for. The payment is 80/20, but the group must have the balance of the funds. They will rework their resolution and their petition and bring it to a work session. Mation made by Castore to move to a work session, second by Knecht, motion carried.

Planning & Zoning: Jim Braun. The Planning Commission will work on Safety Access on HWY 18 along with Intersection Planning, which will then be brought to a work session. The July 27 Planning Commission meeting was on AgapeCrossing and wind generation. Planning & Zoning will also look into a ‘Right of Way’ Ordinance for utilities coming into the township.

Claims: (See attached July Claims) Additions were $600.00 to Kent Detlie for town hall remodel work and $500.00 to Andy church, the electrician. Total claims of $41, 487.53. The checking account has a balance of $80,794.39. Castore made a motion to accept and to pay the claims, second was made by Knecht, motion carried.

Town Hall issues: Once Jaguar Communications has the phone and internet hooked up, Streitz Heating will monitor the air quality for one week. This is to insure there are no problems with heating, cooling, ventilation, mold, dust, etc. This will be done at no cost to the township. The roof over the new doorway to the office will be done by Sept. 2, 2008. Talked agoan of the 6″ gutters along the front of the hall to handle the runoff away from the building. This will be brought to the work session for finance issues.

K Doran-Norton spoke of news brief with Northfield News reporter, Suzanne Rooks.

G Castore-Stream inventory update is looking to Spring, 2009. Mary Mitchell finished maps of streams for the township.

Future: Monday, August 18 will be bike trail work session.

Tuesday, August 19 will be Finance work session and email notification list.

Tuesday, September 2 will be Rice County District 5 Candidate Forum at Bridgewater Town Hall.

Tuesday, September 9 is Primary Election Day.

Tuesday, September 16 will be the Regular Town Board meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Petersen, clerk


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