Minutes, October 14, 2008 Bridgewater Board of Supervisors

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chair Kathleen Doran-Norton. Present were Supervisors Leif Knecht and Glen Castore, Treasurer Brad Pfahning, and Clerk Pam Petersen.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all present.  The Agenda was approved by a motion by L Knecht, second by G Castore, MCU.

Public Comment: Deb Sullivan attended the Rice County Commisssioners meeting held on 10/06/2008 concerning the host fee due to Bridgewater Township from the landfill.

K Doran-Norton brought forward Resolution for use of landfill host fee. Discussion as follows:

G Castore, Stream Inventory: He spoke with Dave Legvold from Cannon River Watershed Partnership, who mentioned that some counties are now stepping up to enforce buffer zones along waterways. The Township to look into cost share with the landowner to create the necessary buffer zones.

L Knecht: Possible road upgrades on Coe, Cabot, 140th Street East and Dahle. These are all roads leading directly to the landfill. Possible upgrades to include higher quality material and more dust control material.

Bring to the next work session more ideas, priorities and percentages of where the funds should be allocated. Chose what will best serve the residents of the township.

Planning & Zoning, Jim Braun: AgapeCrossing is on the next Planning Commission meeting.

Three building permits issued through Oct. 12, 2008. See attached packet.

Motion made by G Castore to approve the claims against the township. Second made by L Knecht, MCU.

Treasurer’s Report, B Pfahning. Balance on hand $25,731.64.

PERA update: the Township could only go back three years. The Township portion is 6.5%, employee contribution is 6%. Effective Jan. 2009 the employer percentage is 6.75%.

The minutes from the September 16 and 30th meetings were approved with 2 changes which are now reflected in those minutes. Motion to approve made by G Castore, second by L Knecht, MCU.

K Doran-Norton: The candidate forum and Township Open House should be separate from each other. Discusson followed and was decided not to hold another candidate forum. The open house will be held soon, date to be determined.

Notice on website and posted on bulletin board that the supervisors may all be in attendance at the next Planning Commission meeting on Oct. 29, 2008. It was also noted that the supervisors may attend the Dundas Planning Commission meeting on Thurs. Oct.16. This was posted on the bulletin board and the website.

HWY 19 and right of way and NW Corridor Study. That committee is looking for input into the Decker, Garrett, 19 intersection.

G Castore: Stream Inventory. The shoreline survey will be done by CRWP, it is all done digitally. The next step would be the physical stream inventory and how to present that to the public for education and information. How can the township help the residents to be ‘ahead of the game’? More discussion on this will follow in future work sessions.

Motion to adjourn made by G Castore, second by L Knecht, MCU.

Pam Petersen, Clerk


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